Monday, May 16, 2011

Yoko Littner

After an hour of tracking, Dave finally had a good shot at his prey. The deer was standing in a wide open forest clearing. Without making a sound, Dave couched at the forest’s edge and loaded his hunting rifle. He took aim and squeezed the trigger, only to hear a sharp click. It was just loud enough to startle the deer, which bolted off into the forest.

“Jammed again?! Stupid, old gun! That’s the third time this week! Take this you piece of trash!” Dave bellowed as he hurled his rifle in a random direction. The eerie quiet of the forest was broken by a splashing sound when his rifle landed.

Regretting his quick temper, Dave stomped off in the direction he threw his rifle. There were no large rivers or lakes nearby, so Dave figured it just landed in a puddle from a recent rain. After searching for a few minutes, he spotted a small pool of water at the base of a tall tree. He thought he saw the barrel of his rifle sticking out of the water, so he ran over to it.

To his surprise, the gun in he found was not his old, weak hunting rifle, but a large, high-powered sniper rifle! Looking around to see if it belonged to someone else, he spotted a small sign. “Welcome to the Enchanted Springs. Anything that comes in contact with our water will be filled with beauty and power” Dave read out loud. “Sweet! Finally some luck! I gotta get my car out here!”

Dave reached into the water and pulled out his new gun. As he wiped the water off on his pants and shirt, he realized he just touched the water. “Shit-” Was the only thing Dave managed to say before he started to change. As his clothes melted away. a slight ripple emerged from his fingertips that removed his arm and leg hairs. When the first ripple disappeared, another slightly larger ripple spread across his body, softening and smoothing his skin. Suddenly, a wave rushed through his body. His hands and feet became petite as the wave ran through them. Next to change were his arms and legs, becoming long, slender and well toned. As it washed past his waist, his hips and butt expanded outwards. The wave flattened his stomach and sucked in his sides. Two perfect breasts dripped out of his chest as the wave came to a stop.

Dave’s knees buckled as his face rippled violently. Long, red hair gushed out of his head and cascaded down his back. When the rippling stopped, he crawled on all fours to the waters edge. Silky, red hair blocked his vision. He brushed his hair out of the way and stared at his reflection. A cute, young, naked girl stared back at…him. Suddenly aware of how female and how exposed she was, Dave tried the best she could to cover herself up with her hands while nervously scanning the forest to see if anything was watching. Out of the corner of her eye, she barely managed to see a deer run up to her and kick her headfirst into the pool.

While she was unconscious, her mind was filled with memories and names, including her own. She remembered her name was Yoko. When she woke up, she found herself in her room. She quickly threw on her flame-covered black bikini top, black short shorts, and pink stockings. Her white and red boots were a pile in the corner, along with her gloves, belt and pink and red striped scarf. She slipped them all on and fixed her hair with her usual skull and two pins. After striking a quick pose in the mirror, she grabbed her gun and was good to go.

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