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Samus Aran - Alt

Another alt. Only have a few more of these to upload, then Ill put up some new caps. If anyone has any more requests, please tell me!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Naga the White Serpent - Alt

Heres the Naga caption with a different picture. If anyone has pics or requests, be sure to tell me.

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Alexis Rhodes - Alt

Same caption, different picture.

I found a few more pics that I like of some of the gals I've already made captions for. I'll be uploading them over the next few days. Eventually I might make different captions for them.

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Anyone got any requests?

I want to make some more caps. I started with a few in the past month but never really liked the characters I was writing about.

I also have some of my other caps with different pics. Should I upload those?

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Akiza Izinski

Jack had worked with the hologram company for a while now. All he had to do was put on a suit, and turn into someone else using the hologram technology. By now, he realized it was way more than a fancy computer and cameras, your body would physically change into whatever the suit was programmed for. It was a pretty easy job, and the pay was decent. The medical and dental plans are…nonexistent. If it was any other job, Jack would have left and found another by now. The thing that kept him coming back was the thrill of the transformation.

For his next gig, he was supposed to play a card game to promote some sort of convention. Jack knew by now that when the words “fan” and “convention” came up in a job description, he was going to be turned into a ridiculously attractive girl from some video game or anime. How else could he gain the attention of thousands of nerdy boys?

Eventually, he found out he would be Akiza Izinski from the Yu-Gi-Oh series. He looked over a few pictures and was glad that he wasn’t going to be half-naked. For the next few weeks, he spent time learning how she walked and talked. Thankfully he didn’t have to learn the card game; it looked really complicated. The company had a plan for how the game was going to play out, and they were going to let the new guy win. Like Jack when he first joined, the new guy had no idea that he was going to be transformed. People would get scared and chicken out if they knew what the company could really do…

Because Jack had worked with the company for so long, they gave Jack with a bodysuit that transformed yourself instantly. On the day of the convention, he managed to see the new guy freaking out and various staff trying to explain what happened. Jack decided to help calm the new guy down, and activated his suit right in front of him.

Jack’s body glowed, emitting a dim light. The light grew heavy around his legs, and solidified into elegant, soft legs. As it slid over the rest of his legs, he absorbed the light, expanding his hips and butt. Next it covered his arms. In a flash, it revealed two new feminine arms. The light intensified as it pulled into his body, forcing in the sides of his stomach and pushing out on his chest. Not before long, two perky breasts were hanging from his chest. Slowly, the light drifted to his face, forming a sphere around his head. Red beams of light jutted out of the sphere and turned into silky locks of hair. When the rest of the light cleared, his face was completely different and much more feminine.

Red, hazy light pulsed from the center of her body, growing more solid as it formed itself into a dress. A similar white light appeared next, and turned into a white blouse. Its shoulders puffed out as a final red light was emitted, quickly materializing into a red overcoat. Light covered her arms as long, black tights covered her long, slender arms and legs. In a quick red flash, her necklace and shoes appeared while her hair fixed itself.

This transformation didn’t help the new guy at all. “Akiza” sighed, put on her duel-disk and got ready to go on stage.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alexis Rhodes

Part 2 comming soon!

Tom was so excited. A few weeks ago, he entered a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. Being an avid Yu-Gi-Oh player, he won with ease. The fame and glory from winning one of the largest tournaments meant nothing to him compared to the prize; the winner got to participate in a real, live Yu-Gi-Oh game, monsters and everything, at the upcoming convention.

Obviously, he knew that the game wouldn’t really be “real”, and just very lifelike holograms. It was no surprise either when they told him the game was rigged and he had to follow a set list of moves - they couldn’t have made such realistic holograms and animations for every single card! He was supposed to be using Alexis Rhode’s deck, and his opponent would be using Akiza Izinski’s. Neither Tom nor his opponent knew why they weren’t using more major characters decks, but the organizers assured them it was for marketing reasons…whatever that meant.

Just a few minutes before the match was about to start, one of the organizers told him of some last minute modifications. He had to wear a special suit that would surround him with a hologram that looked like Alexis. It would even replicate all his movements. Knowing that he couldn’t say no with only a few minutes before the game started, he ran into a changing room and pulled on the bodysuit. He pressed a button and waited for the hologram to load up.

Suddenly, the suit started dissolving away into nothing. It tickled a little, but Tom was convinced that it was just an effect of the holograms. He noticed his feet starting to get covered by pointed blue boots. He was surprised by how realistic they looked. Wanting to get a better view at the loading process, he walked over to a mirror. Pixel by pixel, he saw it crawl up his legs, covering them with long, smooth, sexy girl legs. They looked smaller that his real legs, until they puffed outwards at his hips. Feeling a bit naughty, he turned around in time to see Alexis’s butt load onto his body and quickly get covered by a short, blue miniskirt. His stomach was covered by nice, curvy sides and a white, sleeveless top. Tom blushed a bit as he stared down at his chest’s new assets. Alexis’s slender arms and delicate hands loaded next, their blue, fingerless gloves soon following. Waiting in nerdy anticipation for the duel-disk to load, he didn’t even notice how fast her face loaded over his and all the soft, blonde hair falling down his back.

When the duel-disk didn’t appear, figured he would probably be using a real, non-hologram duel-disk. He walked out of his changing room and easily found the deck he’d be using, along with a real duel-disk. Quickly strapping it to his arm, he walked over to a mirror and checked himself out. He definitely looked like a she. Playfully, he struck a few poses in front of the mirror, loving the way his body looked and felt. He particularly liked how his hair felt as it brushed against his back…until he realized he shouldn’t be able to “feel” a hologram!

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Whatevr89532's Challenge: Take my hand

I must admit, Ive been a long time lurker of his blog and captions. Thought I'd participate in his challenge blog...

“Come on, take my hand! You won’t regret it!”

My gut instinct told me that I shouldn’t go with this strange girl. I should just continue on with my plain, boring life. Somehow, this would end up causing me trouble. My curiosity, on the other hand, wanted to follow her to the ends of the earth. She was the first girl to talk to me in ages, and to top it off, she was pretty cute!

“Come on, silly! Lets have some fun!” She said, grabbing my hand without letting me respond. “What are you waiting for? Scared of having fuuunnn?”

I had no choice but to follow. A cute girl pretty much forced me on a date, why would I even be tempted not to follow? Still, I was nervous; I had a weird feeling in my stomach. As we ran past the fountain, I stumbled and fell. Oh man, my chances are ruined!

When I got up, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Was she hiding? Is this a game?  I scanned the surroundings until something caught my eye; In my reflection in the fountain, my hair was blue. It should NOT be blue. Oh, and its growing. This shouldn’t be happening! I leaned closer to the water for a better look at my hair. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and fell into the fountain.

The hair was just a minor change compared to what was happening underwater. My bones ached and cracked as my entire body began to change. I could feel myself getting smaller and petite. My hips cracked out in a rush of pain. I felt my muscles drifting away, and my skin becoming smooth. My face tingled as it reshaped itself into an unknown form. The weird feeling in my stomach intensified as my organs rearranged themselves and my sides were sucked in. Small, round lumps pressed out of my chests, forming two cute breasts. I just sat there, underwater, in disbelief until I was out of breath. 

When I went up for air, my clothes suddenly changed. From this angle, it looked like…that strange girl‘s clothes! What did she do to me?!

“Need a hand, silly?” An eerily familiar voice said. As I looked up for its owner, I saw…myself? WHAT? “I know you must have questions, so lemme try to answer a few, k?” Stunned, I nodded in reply. “I saw you walking alone, you looked so lonely, but you were also kinda cute. I’m pretty shy myself, so I didn’t really know what to do to get you to notice me. I knew a little bit of magic, so I used some to help. Now that we’re in each others bodies, we gotta stick together!”

Blushing, I smiled. I knew this was going to be a fun relationship…

Naga the White Serpent

Warning: Do not touch any of the museum’s artifacts. Alarms WILL sound and guards WILL be notified.

“Pfft. Yeah right, who would want to steal something from this stupid museum anyway?” Said Eric as he glanced at the security sign. “I doubt this place even makes enough money for any advanced security system, let alone guards. What a joke. Twenty bucks says nothing happens if I touch anything in here.”

Unfortunately, Eric would lose the bet he just made with himself. The first object he saw was necklace with a skull at the center. No alarms would be sounded, nor would guards be called. Why? The necklace didn’t belong to the museum.

Eric casually walked over to the necklace and while no one was looking, snatched it into his pocket. His last thought was “Hah. Nothing happened.” before something slowly started to take over his body and mind. Magic radiating from the skull made Eric’s mind go completely blank in order to prepare for the changes.

The magic surged through his body, weakening it. Eric’s body collapsed to the floor with a loud thud. A crowd of people swarmed his body in an attempt to help, but were pushed away by magic. They watched in awe and fear as Eric’s legs grew long and slender. His hips burst out and his butt swelled and perked up. At the same time, his arms lost mass and his hands became petite. Simultaneously, his stomach smoothed out and was sucked in from all sides while his chest expanded into two huge, gorgeous breasts. The effects of the magic slowed as his skin became smooth and soft. Long, silky purple hair flowed out of the back of his head, shielding his facial changes from the public. Under the hair, his face became much more feminine and sexy.

Finally, the physical changes stopped and the mental changes begun. The skull emitted one last ray of magic and filled Eric’s mind with memories of Naga the White Serpent, the skull-necklace’s previous owner. A cloud of dark purple smoke covered her body as Eric’s clothes faded away and Naga’s outfit materialized. Her black thong and bra appeared first, covering her private areas. Long, black gloves and boots fit themselves tightly on her hands and feet. Spiky, metal shoulder pads propped themselves on her shoulders, with her cape following.

As the smoke cleared, she slowly lifted her head up and checked her body to make sure it turned out correctly. When she finally noticed the large crowd staring at her, she let out a loud laugh and walked out of the museum, ready for whatever awaited her.

Yoko Littner

After an hour of tracking, Dave finally had a good shot at his prey. The deer was standing in a wide open forest clearing. Without making a sound, Dave couched at the forest’s edge and loaded his hunting rifle. He took aim and squeezed the trigger, only to hear a sharp click. It was just loud enough to startle the deer, which bolted off into the forest.

“Jammed again?! Stupid, old gun! That’s the third time this week! Take this you piece of trash!” Dave bellowed as he hurled his rifle in a random direction. The eerie quiet of the forest was broken by a splashing sound when his rifle landed.

Regretting his quick temper, Dave stomped off in the direction he threw his rifle. There were no large rivers or lakes nearby, so Dave figured it just landed in a puddle from a recent rain. After searching for a few minutes, he spotted a small pool of water at the base of a tall tree. He thought he saw the barrel of his rifle sticking out of the water, so he ran over to it.

To his surprise, the gun in he found was not his old, weak hunting rifle, but a large, high-powered sniper rifle! Looking around to see if it belonged to someone else, he spotted a small sign. “Welcome to the Enchanted Springs. Anything that comes in contact with our water will be filled with beauty and power” Dave read out loud. “Sweet! Finally some luck! I gotta get my car out here!”

Dave reached into the water and pulled out his new gun. As he wiped the water off on his pants and shirt, he realized he just touched the water. “Shit-” Was the only thing Dave managed to say before he started to change. As his clothes melted away. a slight ripple emerged from his fingertips that removed his arm and leg hairs. When the first ripple disappeared, another slightly larger ripple spread across his body, softening and smoothing his skin. Suddenly, a wave rushed through his body. His hands and feet became petite as the wave ran through them. Next to change were his arms and legs, becoming long, slender and well toned. As it washed past his waist, his hips and butt expanded outwards. The wave flattened his stomach and sucked in his sides. Two perfect breasts dripped out of his chest as the wave came to a stop.

Dave’s knees buckled as his face rippled violently. Long, red hair gushed out of his head and cascaded down his back. When the rippling stopped, he crawled on all fours to the waters edge. Silky, red hair blocked his vision. He brushed his hair out of the way and stared at his reflection. A cute, young, naked girl stared back at…him. Suddenly aware of how female and how exposed she was, Dave tried the best she could to cover herself up with her hands while nervously scanning the forest to see if anything was watching. Out of the corner of her eye, she barely managed to see a deer run up to her and kick her headfirst into the pool.

While she was unconscious, her mind was filled with memories and names, including her own. She remembered her name was Yoko. When she woke up, she found herself in her room. She quickly threw on her flame-covered black bikini top, black short shorts, and pink stockings. Her white and red boots were a pile in the corner, along with her gloves, belt and pink and red striped scarf. She slipped them all on and fixed her hair with her usual skull and two pins. After striking a quick pose in the mirror, she grabbed her gun and was good to go.


Jason was always looking out for his friends, family, and even strangers. He couldn’t stand it when he saw someone getting hurt by anyone. For as long as he could remember, he always protected the little guy. During his school years, he frequently got in fights with bullies just so they would stop picking on other students. Later on in life, he received various police awards, not for punching bullies, but for stopping muggings and other petty crimes.

One day, after finishing his dinner, Jason went to go watch some TV in his room. While surfing through the channels, he paused on the news station. A reporter was describing the scene of an extremely weird homicide. Apparently, a man was found in dead in a park with all of his blood drained out of his body. I hope the cops catch that creep! Jason thought to himself.

Tired, Jason lazily strolled to his bed, ready to go to sleep. In his sleep, he dreamed about a man being transformed into a gorgeous woman with long green hair, and two sets of bat-like wings. A cold chill ran across his feet. Startled, he woke up and saw that his window was open. 

“Stupid window” Jason grumbled as he stumbled over to his window. Before he returned to his bed, he stopped and checked himself in the mirror to make sure he didn’t change. “What am I doing? That was just a dream, and it wasn’t even me being changed!” he said with a nervous laugh. Eventually, he fell back to sleep. Once again, he dreamed of that strange, winged girl. This time, she was perched over the dead man he saw on Tv’s body, drinking his blood. Immediately, he woke up, terrified at what he just saw. 

“Was that real? I gotta do something! But if I told anyone they’d think I’m crazy! Oh man what should I do!?” said Jason, panicking. 

I can help you. A voice in Jason’s head said. My name is Lin-Lin. The woman you saw in your dreams is named Morrigan. She is a succubus. Outside your window is a hat. If you want to defeat Morrigan, put it on.

Jason was extremely scared. He sat on his bed, shaking with fear while trying to decide if he should do what the voice said, or commit himself to an insane asylum. Eventually, he convinced himself he was still dreaming. A strong gust of wind blew the hat inside when he opened the window. The hat was mostly pink with a few yellow accents, and definitely oriental. It also had some Chinese writing on a piece of yellow paper attached to it. He took a deep breath, and put it on.

Immediately, he felt his body rapidly changing. His muscles rearranged and grew stronger, yet his legs and arms felt slender instead of big and bulky. A tingling sensation started spreading outwards from his stomach as his sides were pulled in and his thighs were pushed out. Slight abs appeared on his new, slim stomach. Pressure started to build up inside his chest and butt. Just when it felt like they were about to burst, his chest popped outwards into supple breasts, and his butt swelled out to match his hips. 

After sensing a feeling of emptiness between his legs, he turned around just in time to see his face reshape itself. His entire face seemed to become softer and more feminine. His short hair grew out slightly, and turned into a blue-ish purple color. Blinking a few times, he noticed his eyes changed color, too. They were now a yellowish orange. To his surprise, the color changes weren’t quite over. The top of the hat glowed brightly and Jason felt like he was getting sunburned. Instead of being red all over, he was a pale blue. 

A shocking realization occurred to Jason: he was no longer male. She was about to touch her new assets, but the hat suddenly started spewing out cloth. The cloth hovered around her new body, making red slippers, baggy purple pants that matched her hair, a nice pink and yellow top that provided a great view of her new cleavage, and lastly some extremely long purple sleeves. Before Jason could ask why they were so long, she felt her arms elongate, matching the length of the sleeves. A remaining piece of yellow cloth wrapped around her waist and tied itself into a bow on her back. Three large, metal claws jutted out of the ends of the sleeves.

Stunned, and barely able to speak, Jason managed to say “I-is this really a dream?”
“No Jason.” Lin-Lin replied. “This is most definitely real. You have been transformed into my sister’s, Hsien-Ko’s body. She was strong enough to defeat Morrigan, but has unfortunately left us. I have sealed myself inside this hat in order to help control your new powers.”

Jason stood there for a while, just staring at her new body and trying to grasp what just happened. After a while, she struck a pose and said with a blush “Would you mind just calling me Hsien-Ko?”

Morrigan Aensland

For his entire life, Jason always wanted to be a vampire bat. He loved the idea of flying around at night and sneaking around to suck blood. Vampire’s human forms never really interested him; he just wanted to fly. Throughout his life, he researched old books about vampires, scrolled through the internet, explored creepy caves and catacombs in Transylvania, and even tried joining cults just to become a vampire. Nothing worked.

Just like every Saturday, he spent his time in the library trying to find a way to lure a vampire into biting him, or any other way to transform into one. He had already read every book possible out of the extremely small collection (Surprisingly there was not a lot of material on the subject of “How To Turn Into A Vampire”), so he just picked out his favorite book. Something was different about it this time. It was remarkably light for being such a thick book, significantly lighter than all the other times he read it.

To his surprise, someone cut a hole through all the pages! Furiously, he stomped off towards the librarians desk, ready to report that someone vandalized his favorite book. The librarian just told him to put it back for now and let her deal with it later. When he slid the book back into place, he noticed a crumbled up note inside of the book. It said:

I’ve been watching you. So interested on turning into a bat. Are you willing to do anything for it? Take my pendant if you are…

Blinded by rage before, Jason didn’t even notice the small, bat-like necklace fall out of the book. That’s what the hole was for! He thought to himself. He snatched up the pendant in a heartbeat and sprinted home. He half-expected to turn into a bat while he was running and just fly home, but nothing happened.

It was late, so he thought that maybe he had to wear it. He put it around his neck and went to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, the pendant disappeared and started to work its magic. Unbeknownst to him, his entire body was shedding off his excess weight and muscle. His legs slimmed down into an extremely sexy, toned, feminine form as his hips and butt swelled outwards to complete his amazing legs. His fingers became slender and his arms became petite. As his stomach smoothed out and was sucked in, his chest swelled into two beautiful breasts. Even in his sleep, he moaned in ecstasy.

Beautiful, flowing, green hair erupted from his head and cascaded down his back. As it brushed against his face, it made his face soft and sexy. Jason was still fast asleep and had no idea any of the changes just occurred. In fact, he was dreaming. He was talking to a succubus that called herself Morrigan…

I’ve been sealed away in that pendant for years, Jason. I have contacted you to make a deal. I can easily transform into a bat, something you have always wanted to do. Let me have your body, and every night, I will let you have full control over my bat form.

Jason didn’t even need to respond. They both knew his answer. Huge bat wings ripped out of his back with a loud cracking sound, and smaller ones poked out of his new head. Slowly, he started to wake up, and Morrigan took control.

Jason didn’t care if he had control over his body or not. Nor did he care if he was a boy or girl, vampire or succubus, dreaming or awake. All that mattered to him was that his dream finally came true...He got to be a bat.

Samus Aran

Matt’s life was full of problems. His health was failing, had a terrible job, barely any money, and barely any friends. And, of course, it was raining. He worried about so many things. Video games were his constant escape from reality. When he played, he could be anything. Being a intergalactic bounty hunter was one of his favorite things to do. The moment he put the Metroid disc in, lightning struck his house.

When Matt opened his eyes, he knew something was not right. Brilliant, bright light was flowing in through his windows. “That’s…amazing.“ said Matt, awestruck. “Its like the lighting is frozen in time…“ Matt stared at the light almost hypnotically, until he saw it move. 

“Get away from me!”, Matt yelled as he swatted and kicked at the light. When attacking the light yielded no success, he attempted to run, but tripped on the light. Snake-like beams of light were already wrapping around his legs and rapidly moving across his body. “Someone hel…” Matt found himself paralyzed as the light pierced his brain. A soothing, angelic voice spoke in his head…

Do not worry. This will all be over soon. Relax, and let all your worries melt away. 

Out of options, the only thing he could do was try to relax. As the light soaked into his entire body, he realized it was incredibly easy to relax…Until the changes started.

The first thing to change was his skin. The more light that he soaked up, the smoother it became. A wave of heat quickly dissolved all of his hair. Calmness spread over him as he felt his new, soft skin absorb the rest of the light. Slowly his skin tightened, slimming his long legs and arms. It flattened and smoothed out his stomach, pinching in on the sides. Tingling started spreading across his face, but as for as much as he could tell, nothing was changing. 

The tightening ground to a halt. He felt the light stirring inside of him, toning his muscles and arranging his organs. Slowly, it drained out of his body. His hips and butt expanded slowly as the light pulled and tugged as it exited his new body. An unknown swelling formed in his chest, making two soft, supple breasts. He let out a long, sweet, feminine sigh as his last remaining trace of manhood disappeared.

Finally, his face shifted and softened, removing the last part of his former identity. Long, beautiful locks of golden blonde hair poured out of his head and down her back and tied itself into a ponytail. 

“Thank you…” she said faintly as the light glowed bright blue and began wrapping itself around her. It solidified and turned into a skintight body suit. Finding that she was no longer paralyzed, she carefully stepped over to a mirror and looked at her reflection. She guessed that she had turned into Samus, but now knew it was true. 

Just as the voice said, Matt’s old worries melted away. Matt’s sense of calm was shattered by the sudden realization of new worries. He was a completely new person, in a completely new body, in a completely new gender, in his same home. How could she possibly explain this to anyone?

First blog

Hey guys and gals. Woohoo first blog post! Ill dump some captions I had on various parts of the internet now...

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