Monday, May 16, 2011


Jason was always looking out for his friends, family, and even strangers. He couldn’t stand it when he saw someone getting hurt by anyone. For as long as he could remember, he always protected the little guy. During his school years, he frequently got in fights with bullies just so they would stop picking on other students. Later on in life, he received various police awards, not for punching bullies, but for stopping muggings and other petty crimes.

One day, after finishing his dinner, Jason went to go watch some TV in his room. While surfing through the channels, he paused on the news station. A reporter was describing the scene of an extremely weird homicide. Apparently, a man was found in dead in a park with all of his blood drained out of his body. I hope the cops catch that creep! Jason thought to himself.

Tired, Jason lazily strolled to his bed, ready to go to sleep. In his sleep, he dreamed about a man being transformed into a gorgeous woman with long green hair, and two sets of bat-like wings. A cold chill ran across his feet. Startled, he woke up and saw that his window was open. 

“Stupid window” Jason grumbled as he stumbled over to his window. Before he returned to his bed, he stopped and checked himself in the mirror to make sure he didn’t change. “What am I doing? That was just a dream, and it wasn’t even me being changed!” he said with a nervous laugh. Eventually, he fell back to sleep. Once again, he dreamed of that strange, winged girl. This time, she was perched over the dead man he saw on Tv’s body, drinking his blood. Immediately, he woke up, terrified at what he just saw. 

“Was that real? I gotta do something! But if I told anyone they’d think I’m crazy! Oh man what should I do!?” said Jason, panicking. 

I can help you. A voice in Jason’s head said. My name is Lin-Lin. The woman you saw in your dreams is named Morrigan. She is a succubus. Outside your window is a hat. If you want to defeat Morrigan, put it on.

Jason was extremely scared. He sat on his bed, shaking with fear while trying to decide if he should do what the voice said, or commit himself to an insane asylum. Eventually, he convinced himself he was still dreaming. A strong gust of wind blew the hat inside when he opened the window. The hat was mostly pink with a few yellow accents, and definitely oriental. It also had some Chinese writing on a piece of yellow paper attached to it. He took a deep breath, and put it on.

Immediately, he felt his body rapidly changing. His muscles rearranged and grew stronger, yet his legs and arms felt slender instead of big and bulky. A tingling sensation started spreading outwards from his stomach as his sides were pulled in and his thighs were pushed out. Slight abs appeared on his new, slim stomach. Pressure started to build up inside his chest and butt. Just when it felt like they were about to burst, his chest popped outwards into supple breasts, and his butt swelled out to match his hips. 

After sensing a feeling of emptiness between his legs, he turned around just in time to see his face reshape itself. His entire face seemed to become softer and more feminine. His short hair grew out slightly, and turned into a blue-ish purple color. Blinking a few times, he noticed his eyes changed color, too. They were now a yellowish orange. To his surprise, the color changes weren’t quite over. The top of the hat glowed brightly and Jason felt like he was getting sunburned. Instead of being red all over, he was a pale blue. 

A shocking realization occurred to Jason: he was no longer male. She was about to touch her new assets, but the hat suddenly started spewing out cloth. The cloth hovered around her new body, making red slippers, baggy purple pants that matched her hair, a nice pink and yellow top that provided a great view of her new cleavage, and lastly some extremely long purple sleeves. Before Jason could ask why they were so long, she felt her arms elongate, matching the length of the sleeves. A remaining piece of yellow cloth wrapped around her waist and tied itself into a bow on her back. Three large, metal claws jutted out of the ends of the sleeves.

Stunned, and barely able to speak, Jason managed to say “I-is this really a dream?”
“No Jason.” Lin-Lin replied. “This is most definitely real. You have been transformed into my sister’s, Hsien-Ko’s body. She was strong enough to defeat Morrigan, but has unfortunately left us. I have sealed myself inside this hat in order to help control your new powers.”

Jason stood there for a while, just staring at her new body and trying to grasp what just happened. After a while, she struck a pose and said with a blush “Would you mind just calling me Hsien-Ko?”

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