Monday, May 16, 2011

Samus Aran

Matt’s life was full of problems. His health was failing, had a terrible job, barely any money, and barely any friends. And, of course, it was raining. He worried about so many things. Video games were his constant escape from reality. When he played, he could be anything. Being a intergalactic bounty hunter was one of his favorite things to do. The moment he put the Metroid disc in, lightning struck his house.

When Matt opened his eyes, he knew something was not right. Brilliant, bright light was flowing in through his windows. “That’s…amazing.“ said Matt, awestruck. “Its like the lighting is frozen in time…“ Matt stared at the light almost hypnotically, until he saw it move. 

“Get away from me!”, Matt yelled as he swatted and kicked at the light. When attacking the light yielded no success, he attempted to run, but tripped on the light. Snake-like beams of light were already wrapping around his legs and rapidly moving across his body. “Someone hel…” Matt found himself paralyzed as the light pierced his brain. A soothing, angelic voice spoke in his head…

Do not worry. This will all be over soon. Relax, and let all your worries melt away. 

Out of options, the only thing he could do was try to relax. As the light soaked into his entire body, he realized it was incredibly easy to relax…Until the changes started.

The first thing to change was his skin. The more light that he soaked up, the smoother it became. A wave of heat quickly dissolved all of his hair. Calmness spread over him as he felt his new, soft skin absorb the rest of the light. Slowly his skin tightened, slimming his long legs and arms. It flattened and smoothed out his stomach, pinching in on the sides. Tingling started spreading across his face, but as for as much as he could tell, nothing was changing. 

The tightening ground to a halt. He felt the light stirring inside of him, toning his muscles and arranging his organs. Slowly, it drained out of his body. His hips and butt expanded slowly as the light pulled and tugged as it exited his new body. An unknown swelling formed in his chest, making two soft, supple breasts. He let out a long, sweet, feminine sigh as his last remaining trace of manhood disappeared.

Finally, his face shifted and softened, removing the last part of his former identity. Long, beautiful locks of golden blonde hair poured out of his head and down her back and tied itself into a ponytail. 

“Thank you…” she said faintly as the light glowed bright blue and began wrapping itself around her. It solidified and turned into a skintight body suit. Finding that she was no longer paralyzed, she carefully stepped over to a mirror and looked at her reflection. She guessed that she had turned into Samus, but now knew it was true. 

Just as the voice said, Matt’s old worries melted away. Matt’s sense of calm was shattered by the sudden realization of new worries. He was a completely new person, in a completely new body, in a completely new gender, in his same home. How could she possibly explain this to anyone?

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