Monday, May 16, 2011

Naga the White Serpent

Warning: Do not touch any of the museum’s artifacts. Alarms WILL sound and guards WILL be notified.

“Pfft. Yeah right, who would want to steal something from this stupid museum anyway?” Said Eric as he glanced at the security sign. “I doubt this place even makes enough money for any advanced security system, let alone guards. What a joke. Twenty bucks says nothing happens if I touch anything in here.”

Unfortunately, Eric would lose the bet he just made with himself. The first object he saw was necklace with a skull at the center. No alarms would be sounded, nor would guards be called. Why? The necklace didn’t belong to the museum.

Eric casually walked over to the necklace and while no one was looking, snatched it into his pocket. His last thought was “Hah. Nothing happened.” before something slowly started to take over his body and mind. Magic radiating from the skull made Eric’s mind go completely blank in order to prepare for the changes.

The magic surged through his body, weakening it. Eric’s body collapsed to the floor with a loud thud. A crowd of people swarmed his body in an attempt to help, but were pushed away by magic. They watched in awe and fear as Eric’s legs grew long and slender. His hips burst out and his butt swelled and perked up. At the same time, his arms lost mass and his hands became petite. Simultaneously, his stomach smoothed out and was sucked in from all sides while his chest expanded into two huge, gorgeous breasts. The effects of the magic slowed as his skin became smooth and soft. Long, silky purple hair flowed out of the back of his head, shielding his facial changes from the public. Under the hair, his face became much more feminine and sexy.

Finally, the physical changes stopped and the mental changes begun. The skull emitted one last ray of magic and filled Eric’s mind with memories of Naga the White Serpent, the skull-necklace’s previous owner. A cloud of dark purple smoke covered her body as Eric’s clothes faded away and Naga’s outfit materialized. Her black thong and bra appeared first, covering her private areas. Long, black gloves and boots fit themselves tightly on her hands and feet. Spiky, metal shoulder pads propped themselves on her shoulders, with her cape following.

As the smoke cleared, she slowly lifted her head up and checked her body to make sure it turned out correctly. When she finally noticed the large crowd staring at her, she let out a loud laugh and walked out of the museum, ready for whatever awaited her.

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