Monday, March 19, 2012


Adam and his friends loved to do group cosplays. He was thrilled when they all agreed to do an Organization 13 cosplay. They wrote down all the members names on cards, put them in a hat, and each drew one to determine who they would cosplay as. Adam reached into the hat and pulled out a card. It read:

"This isn't fair! I'm not a girl!" Adam complained.

"Too bad. You drew her name, you're stuck with her" one of his friends replied. "and you better not purposely make a bad costume, we all gotta try to look our best."

Eventually, Adam accepted that he had to go as Larxene. The more he thought about it, the more excited he got. There were some hard cosplays to pull off in the past, but could he really pull off being a girl? Adam decided to go all out; he searched the internet and bought a lifelike female bodysuit. After a few days, it arrived in the mail. He immediately opened it and tried it on under his costume and wig. It wasn't anything special; sure, he had boobs and some curves, but he really didn't look like a girl. The bulge in his pants didn't help that much either. While he was taking it off, Adam noticed a small note in the bottom of the box it came in.

'For best results, wear the suit while sleeping. You must give the suit time to tighten and perfect your form.'

Adam was already fairly tired, so he decided to take a nap while still wearing his costume. Adam couldn't even feel the changes the suit was making to his body. It tightened around his legs, making them long and slender. His stomach pinched in while his hips flared out. His butt and chest slowly expanded into large, supple mounds of flesh. The suit pulled on his arms and hands, causing them to appear much more elegant. The bluge in his pants was no more. The suit manipulated Adam's face like clay until it was much more feminine.

Adam woke up and felt very different. She walked over to a nearby mirror and stood there, shocked. "Wow! I looked great! Sound great too!" Adam said in a new, high pitched voice. "This cosplay is gonna be amazing! I wonder which girl I should go as next..."

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Long time, no blog

yeaaahhhh sooo... I haven't really made anything in a long time and im in the mood. anyone have any requests? post em here. its anonymous commenting, so dont be afraid to ask for an odd request!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Samus Aran - Alt

Another alt. Only have a few more of these to upload, then Ill put up some new caps. If anyone has any more requests, please tell me!!