Monday, May 16, 2011

Morrigan Aensland

For his entire life, Jason always wanted to be a vampire bat. He loved the idea of flying around at night and sneaking around to suck blood. Vampire’s human forms never really interested him; he just wanted to fly. Throughout his life, he researched old books about vampires, scrolled through the internet, explored creepy caves and catacombs in Transylvania, and even tried joining cults just to become a vampire. Nothing worked.

Just like every Saturday, he spent his time in the library trying to find a way to lure a vampire into biting him, or any other way to transform into one. He had already read every book possible out of the extremely small collection (Surprisingly there was not a lot of material on the subject of “How To Turn Into A Vampire”), so he just picked out his favorite book. Something was different about it this time. It was remarkably light for being such a thick book, significantly lighter than all the other times he read it.

To his surprise, someone cut a hole through all the pages! Furiously, he stomped off towards the librarians desk, ready to report that someone vandalized his favorite book. The librarian just told him to put it back for now and let her deal with it later. When he slid the book back into place, he noticed a crumbled up note inside of the book. It said:

I’ve been watching you. So interested on turning into a bat. Are you willing to do anything for it? Take my pendant if you are…

Blinded by rage before, Jason didn’t even notice the small, bat-like necklace fall out of the book. That’s what the hole was for! He thought to himself. He snatched up the pendant in a heartbeat and sprinted home. He half-expected to turn into a bat while he was running and just fly home, but nothing happened.

It was late, so he thought that maybe he had to wear it. He put it around his neck and went to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, the pendant disappeared and started to work its magic. Unbeknownst to him, his entire body was shedding off his excess weight and muscle. His legs slimmed down into an extremely sexy, toned, feminine form as his hips and butt swelled outwards to complete his amazing legs. His fingers became slender and his arms became petite. As his stomach smoothed out and was sucked in, his chest swelled into two beautiful breasts. Even in his sleep, he moaned in ecstasy.

Beautiful, flowing, green hair erupted from his head and cascaded down his back. As it brushed against his face, it made his face soft and sexy. Jason was still fast asleep and had no idea any of the changes just occurred. In fact, he was dreaming. He was talking to a succubus that called herself Morrigan…

I’ve been sealed away in that pendant for years, Jason. I have contacted you to make a deal. I can easily transform into a bat, something you have always wanted to do. Let me have your body, and every night, I will let you have full control over my bat form.

Jason didn’t even need to respond. They both knew his answer. Huge bat wings ripped out of his back with a loud cracking sound, and smaller ones poked out of his new head. Slowly, he started to wake up, and Morrigan took control.

Jason didn’t care if he had control over his body or not. Nor did he care if he was a boy or girl, vampire or succubus, dreaming or awake. All that mattered to him was that his dream finally came true...He got to be a bat.

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