Monday, May 16, 2011

Whatevr89532's Challenge: Take my hand

I must admit, Ive been a long time lurker of his blog and captions. Thought I'd participate in his challenge blog...

“Come on, take my hand! You won’t regret it!”

My gut instinct told me that I shouldn’t go with this strange girl. I should just continue on with my plain, boring life. Somehow, this would end up causing me trouble. My curiosity, on the other hand, wanted to follow her to the ends of the earth. She was the first girl to talk to me in ages, and to top it off, she was pretty cute!

“Come on, silly! Lets have some fun!” She said, grabbing my hand without letting me respond. “What are you waiting for? Scared of having fuuunnn?”

I had no choice but to follow. A cute girl pretty much forced me on a date, why would I even be tempted not to follow? Still, I was nervous; I had a weird feeling in my stomach. As we ran past the fountain, I stumbled and fell. Oh man, my chances are ruined!

When I got up, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Was she hiding? Is this a game?  I scanned the surroundings until something caught my eye; In my reflection in the fountain, my hair was blue. It should NOT be blue. Oh, and its growing. This shouldn’t be happening! I leaned closer to the water for a better look at my hair. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and fell into the fountain.

The hair was just a minor change compared to what was happening underwater. My bones ached and cracked as my entire body began to change. I could feel myself getting smaller and petite. My hips cracked out in a rush of pain. I felt my muscles drifting away, and my skin becoming smooth. My face tingled as it reshaped itself into an unknown form. The weird feeling in my stomach intensified as my organs rearranged themselves and my sides were sucked in. Small, round lumps pressed out of my chests, forming two cute breasts. I just sat there, underwater, in disbelief until I was out of breath. 

When I went up for air, my clothes suddenly changed. From this angle, it looked like…that strange girl‘s clothes! What did she do to me?!

“Need a hand, silly?” An eerily familiar voice said. As I looked up for its owner, I saw…myself? WHAT? “I know you must have questions, so lemme try to answer a few, k?” Stunned, I nodded in reply. “I saw you walking alone, you looked so lonely, but you were also kinda cute. I’m pretty shy myself, so I didn’t really know what to do to get you to notice me. I knew a little bit of magic, so I used some to help. Now that we’re in each others bodies, we gotta stick together!”

Blushing, I smiled. I knew this was going to be a fun relationship…